Do-It-Yourself Wet Bar Must Read

Now that you have your very own Man Cave, it’s time to take a look at fixing up the space you currently use for entertaining. We’re talking about giving your sit-and-discuss-world-events corner an extreme makeover. Sure, you may think that the secondhand beer fridge sitting on cinder blocks is cool. You may even think that the foldable table and milk crates used for seats gives it a special kind of rustic feel…but you know you can do better.

Plus, if your goal is to eventually invite a female to keep you company in the Man Cave, you need to spruce up the wet bar. So, before we must begin construction, there has to be destruction. Long before we get anywhere near furnishings, the main priority of your drinking corner makeover has to focus on bar accessories. Assuming you will have a proper counter and bar stools on the list, let’s look at what you need behind the bar to get things flowing.

bar accessories

1 – Cooler

The beer fridge was a nice touch, back in 1990. Now you need a real cooler that has capacity and consistent temperature. Try to choose one with a steel cabinet (it cools quicker and stays cool longer) and has a tempered-glass door. You want to be able to see what’s chillin’ without having to always open the door and releasing some of the cool air from inside. Depending on your budget, you can even find coolers that have different adjustable temperature zones so you can store more than just beer – that would be wine and those other girly drinks.

2 – Blender

You can go a lot of places on the drink menu with a blender but be sure to get one that is stainless steel and has an insanely powerful motor. You’ll need the power to munch up and crush ice and don’t settle for a style that has only one function – on or off. You will want to be able to whip, mix, chop, liquefy, render unconscious and otherwise destroy or gently fondle the ice depending on the drink recipe. Also, a good blender allows you to zip up fun healthy shakes and blended drinks for yourself when no one is looking.

3 – Shaker

There is a huge difference between blended drinks and shaken drinks. Any James Bond fan will be able to tell you that. The beautiful thing about finding the right stainless steel shaker is the accessory tools that come with it. You could end up with such nifty extras as a round shaped mixing whisk, ice tongs, a fruit knife, a lemon zester and a cocktail strainer to name a few. Your Swiss Army Knife will be jealous as will the guy down the street you gave your old ‘bar stuff’ to in order to make room for your new one.

4 – Pour Spouts

Have you ever tried to pour a perfect shot of your favorite spirit well into the night only to discover that either the ounces change in size or you can’t remember how much an ounce really is? One way to limit the possibility of drunken mistakes like this developing into a bar fight or hurt feelings is to use Exacto pour spouts. These little gadgets fit on the tops of your standard spirit bottles and let you pour an exact ounce with each and every tip. Exact. Precise. The same every time. No mistakes. All fun.

5 – Bottle Openers

Duh! Building up your very own home bar does not mean breaking off the bottle necks with a rock in order to get into the good stuff. That’s why any good bar has an assortment of bottle openers designed for the endless task of removing the seals to liquid Heaven. You have so many different styles to choose from that you could have different sets for different celebrations or whatever. The point is to have strong, durable and easy to use bottle openers that get the job done with a single motion.

6 – Wine Racks

If your buddies are wine experts, why not give them something to take selfies in front of? Actually, wine racks are an important part of any bar simply because it gives you a ton of storage from your wine collection or the special bottles of wine you made yourself and want to properly age before you start sharing them. While you’re at it, any kind of storage shelving or rack system will help you turn your corner bar into the place everyone wants to see at least once this year.

7 – Glasses

C’mon, you aren’t going to serve a bunch of Barbarians who will swill their grog from the bottle, are you? If you want your home bar to stand out, even if it’s just with the guys or that special girl and a couple of her girlfriends, you need serving glasses. This includes beer, wine glasses and even cocktail glasses. A good assortment will make all the difference in the world and keep you sink or dishwasher working regularly.

Bar Accessories Make The Difference

There you have it! An extreme Man Cave bar makeover is incomplete without these seven key items. Without them, you’re just standing in a corner of the room alone sipping on a cold one and wondering when the fun actually begins. When you have the right tools for the job, you will be able to entertain family and friends whenever the opportunity presents itself. Cheers!

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