Everything You Need To Know About Corkscrews

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Oddly enough, one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal of bar accessories will be the corkscrew. That’s because it can do some pretty sexy and seductive moves when you need to turn on the charm. Being able to handle a corkscrew well translates to mean you are a man with various skills and the babes like guys with skills. Even if your only trick is with a corkscrew.

Why You Need A Corkscrew

In case you need this part, which we like to refer to as Basic Corkscrew or Corkscrew 101, this tool enables you to do one task. It is designed to be used to remove a cork from the neck of a bottle of wine. That’s all it is used for. Forget the movies where a corkscrew is used as a weapon. Your secret weapon should be your charisma and how you use this tool on unsuspecting wine bottles to impress unsuspecting visitors to your home bar. It is not to be unholstered for any other reason.

The Parts Of A Corkscrew

Pay attention. There are two general parts to a basic corkscrew. There is a handle and a curled metal bar extending from that. The curly thing is called a worm. Some fancy schmantsy corkscrews have ergonomic designs to make them comfortable when you grip them, others come with stuff you may never need or use. Your best bet is to stick to the basic style and add to your collection as you get better at handling a corkscrew.

How To Use A Corkscrew

This is crazy simple to learn but we thought it would be best to break down each step to further explain them. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be popping corks in no time.

Step 1 – Addressing The Bottle

Firmly grip the bottle of choice and examine the top. Once you see what is there, carefully peel the foil and any other covering off of the top of the bottle. This gives you access to the cork.

Step 2 – Entering The Bottle

With the bottle steadied, insert the worm of the corkscrew at an angle into the top surface of the cork. Once the cork skin is broken, straighten the corkscrew to enter into the center of the cork.

Step 3 – Entering The Cork

Firmly twist the corkscrew so that the worm is partway through. If you pop out the bottom of the cork, deduct five points from your final score. If you force the cork into the bottle, you are disqualified.

Step 4 – Exiting The Bottle

With a grip on the corkscrew handle, pull up until the cork is released and ‘pops’ out of the bottle. Ta-Da! You are now winning friends you never knew you had.

Why Does This Work?

The physics behind removing a cork from a bottle of wine is all related to the worm part of the corkscrew. If it is inserted properly, the curly shape first tunnels a path through the soft center of the cork. Then the cork expands slightly to firmly grip the worm. What this does is gives you a solid unit of corkscrew and cork acting as one so you can just pull and pop the cork out.

Different Types of Corkscrews

Although the basic design of the average corkscrew is still the standard, there are a few variations. Depending on your specific needs it probably would be a good idea to add some of these to your collection so you have extra ammo for those nights when you are trying to impress.

1 – Waiter’s Corkscrew

These are probably the most common of the corkscrews. They consist of the worm and a handle. A variation includes a second handle. The auxiliary handle is used to provide extra leverage. This is done by flipping it down against the bottle rim.

2 – Screwpull

The difference in this style of corkscrew is that it contains a handle that twists. This actually makes feeding the worm into the cork a bit easier. That is, if you need a better way to access wine in a bottle.

3 – The Butterfly

This is possibly the heaviest of the corkscrew designs. It works much like the screw pull but as the worm enters the cork a pair of ‘wings’ open and rise up and above the corkscrew in relation to how deep the worm in inserted. Then, by pushing down on the ‘wings’ in a motion that resembles closing them the cork is gently pulled out of the bottle.

When You Don’t Need To Use A Corkscrew

There are only two occasions when you would not need the use of a corkscrew. The first, and hopefully obvious, one would be when you are drinking beer. The second would be if the fancy wine you intend to serve with dinner and expect to help you with your flirting has a screw off cap. Nice going, big spender. You just failed this class.

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