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Picture this; it is summer weekend, and you’re expecting to give your clique an ultimate vacation experience inspired by your favorite brand of fine wine. But there’s a problem; you aren’t willing to spend an arm and a leg yet you expect to make it a super-interesting, memorable fun-fare. I’d say you may need to start by buying a few Rangloo Bar’s wine accessories, but that’s overly unnecessary.

Now, where would you begin from?

Cocktails or no cocktails, it’s expectedly true that you’ll strive to impress every one of them. But let’s face it; trying to impress a wino isn’t hard, and neither is it expensive. There’s no need for chaotic, last minute shopping for pricey wine when you can use what you have with you at home. You just have to pair your finest DIY ideas to come up with remarkable wine tools or buy a few of them.

A personalized selection makes your party exciting, impressive and memorable. Besides, it is a technique perfectly suitable for budget-savvy wine aficionados. Let’s check them out!

  1.    Build a Wine Caddy

A vintage-inspired Wine Caddy isn’t hard to construct as it needs a few pieces of fine pine or whitewood, nails and wood glue for attachment and a stain rope. Building one from scratch is easier and economical, and besides, the item lasts. A wine caddy may serve the same purpose as wine glass holders and bottle holders simultaneously.

  1.    Choose your wines carefully

There’s an infinite world of wines out there, including the hugely revered Premiere Cru and cult wines. However, that does not mean you go for the premium names when cheaper, finer brands exist. I’m talking about the richly tasteful Chappellets, the nicely structured red Montagne Saint-Emilion appellation, the quirky varietals of Kenneth Volk Mourvedre, Grand Cru Alsace and many others.

  1.    Cocktail Hacks

If you would love to be a 1-day cocktail-concocting genius, start by identifying a befitting golden drinking ratio. Important to note, finely chopped herbs instead of the quintessential salt or sugar wake up a drinker’s taste buds, and you should sparingly try them as well. Several cocktail shakers can be sourced from Rangloo bar, used in preparing the cocktails and in the end, you’ll have created a pretty good party at home.

  1.    Chilled Wines are tasty

Consider chilled beer and wine as the source of enjoyment when you’re hosting your winos. That’s because regardless of the brand of wine bought and the number of revelers to be hosted, chilled drinks get a sweet, tasty flavor. As such, you must strive to serve chilled cocktails.

  1.    You may use a Wine Chiller Tote

When served chilled on during the simmering summer heat, red wine tastes phenomenal. However, many people unknowingly spoil the fun by immersing ice balls into a glass. So, to help preserve the drink’s original flavor and make the party enjoyable without using a refrigerator, only use a stylish wine chiller tote.

It makes storage and transportation of your favorite beer and wine super easy as well. A new one may cost $20 or more, but you can actually design yours right at home using an old handbag.

  1.    Serving Tips

There’s no need to spend a colossal sum of money in glassware when you could smartly buy fewer and different brands for less. Smaller glasses go well with white wine and the mega ones for red wines. Remember, red wine ought to oxidize a bit and thus a big glass accessory. One perfect example you might probably fancy having during that day is a glass decanter as the beautiful Riedel’s Amadeo Wine Decanter does the job well.

  1.    Cover the bottom of your glasses with different but beautiful paints

If you are hosting an entourage of 10 or more friends and you would love to serve different brands of wine, be ready to be confused if you don’t differentiate the various glasses. An easy way of distinguishing your glasses is when you apply your DIY ideas. Choose different washable paints and use them to cover the bottom of each base.

  1.    Use a Bottling Bucket Spigot Valve and Barb

The standard way of pouring wine includes removing the foil to prevent any dripping before wiping the bottle and sealing it. But for that ultimate butler experience, design your own beer taps for air-free pouring of wine. Designed for filling standard wine and beer bottles, Bottling Bucket Spigot Valve and Barb will make it simple to pour wine to your wine and beer loving friends. It costs a paltry $10, which is nothing given that it is an investment.

  1.    DIY Wine Racks

You have every reason to ditch the conventional wine racks and design your own creative and distinctive wine racks. Functional and stylish types vary, though the best ones ought to host as many as a dozen bottles of wine and several glasses. However, you don’t need to design a new one when you can actually up-cycle an ancient box. Again, wine racks shouldn’t be necessarily involving wood; you may use wires, old plastic boxes and just about anything appropriate.

  1.    Find the right pairing

Pretty much like choosing a suitable pairing as a perfect gift for that sworn wine lover, the same approach can create an incredible wine experience. But before you mix the two crowd-pleasers, take some time and look at the flavor profiles.

Essentially, dark chocolates blend well with fruity red wine while milk chocolate seemingly goes well with sweet white wine. But there’s no rule book, and that’s why it’s sometimes great to let loose your adventurous traits and experiment on your own.

It is an endless list, but as for now, these are the best ways of impressing your wine loving ninjas at home. Don’t forget to visit Rangloo Bar for more wine accessories as well.

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